Your Last Shower Curtain

👋🏼 Say bye bye to leaks, mold, fungus and mildew. A shower curtain re-invented to simply be your last.


It's Time For A Change

70 years ago, no one had microwaves, credit cards, or superglue.No cars had airbags, and no one had ever laid eyes on a color TV.The first commercially available computer had just been invented, and it weighed 16,000 pounds.Shower Curtains were made of plastic and cotton.Today we have iPhones, electric cars, and the Large Hadron Collider. We’ve gone to the bottom of the ocean and put robots on Mars.The computers we carry in our pockets are 6 billion times faster, and are nearly weightless.Shower curtains? Still made of plastic and cotton...

Designed To Last

Plastics hold up well to moisture and are more durable than fabric, but if you thought throwing out cotton shower curtains was bad...plastics are the worst.
The EPA predicts that over 25 million tons of plastic end up in landfills each year, which is the weight of over 75 Empire State Buildings.
The New Normal Shower Curtain has been designed to be last curtain you'll need to purchase - and should you ever want to get rid of it - it's 100% recyclable ✨

Fibers That Breathe

The fibers that make up the New Normal Shower Curtain are made from high density polyethylene stands that are randomly laid and compressed to form a remarkably tough substrate that is ideal for applications where durability, moisture, and low ventilation is present (aka - our bathrooms 🙌🏼).
In other words, it keeps moisture from escaping while allowing vapours to pass right through - like magic 🪄.

Intentional Features

Made exclusively from Tyvek - a lightweight, breathable, water-repellant, and fully recyclable super-material, the New Normal Shower Curtain boasts rust-proof stainless steel grommets, a perfectly weighted bottom edge to keep the curtain in place, ultra sonic stitching, and suction cups on the sides to avoid wet bathroom floors.
Yup - It's the small things that count.

The New Normal

The New Normal Shower Curtain has been in development for over 3 years - all in the name of making it the last shower curtain you'll ever need to purchase.We didn't name our little company "NEW NORMAL" for nothing! We create products aimed to alleviate the small, yet common, stresses we all encounter day-to-day.

We're Nothing Like What's Out There.

We're Now On Kickstarter

We're New Normal, a little San Francisco-founded company focused on creating products aimed to alleviate the small, yet common, stresses we all encounter day to day.
We welcome you to join us on our journey as we create products that aim to do just that, and ideally, lay way to becoming the new normal.


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